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About Us

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A Little Bit About TGR.

TGR is a Welsh company, which started because of an infatuation with Motorsport from a young age.


I decided later than I would have wanted to turn a hobby into a lifestyle by enrolling at Swansea Metropolitan. Studying Motorsport engineering. However I used this to my full advantage and learnt so much in the time I was there. In my 3rd year I secured a work placement with one of Japan's finest engineering companies, JUN.  It was only a short but intense 3 week work placement, where I learned an insane amount about the engineering, manufacturing and fitments of some of the best products in the Motorsport world.  It was a life changing experience where I made many friends and contacts to help indulge my passion of Motorsport.


TGR (Touge Runners) is a new business venture which helps me to fund my Drift and Motorsport addiction. We aim to bring well made, quality products at affordable prices.  Starting with TGR alloy wheels our own brand which are all JWL, VIA and TUV certificated. Each wheel is light weight and durable. We aim to expand our range of TGR Motorsport products, so that we can eventually start engineering our own products for Motorsport purposes designed and manufactured in the UK.

We are expanding our range slowly, each product we choose is because it has been tried and tested (also by ourselves). Any product we have is used on our vehicles and what we wouldn't use isnt sold, simple. We have started designing our own products and are very happy with the outcomes sofar, we enjoy and will continue doing this to bring new innovative products to the market. 

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