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Ben first hopped on board back in 2017 when he first started competing in his turbo mx5. Since then we have developed our partnership and friendship helping each other get to where we are today.

Really love his driving style, and how he designs and executes his liveries. Ben has been such an amazing promoter and has been really helpful in his feedback and his work ethic. Really chuffed to have him onboard along with his amazing partner in crime Kirsty.

Really happy with bens progression through to getting his BDC licence and look forward to staying as a sponsor hopefully throughout his career.

a little bit from ben...

Hi my name is Ben Mears,


I have been working alongside TGR for 4 years, I met Adam when I bought a set of wheels for my turbo mx5 back in 2017. Since then we have built up a good friendship, helping each other grow in the industry, me as a driver and for him, building up recognition of the TGR brand.


I started competitively drifting in 2016 after starting the sport as a hobby in 2015. Taking a couple of years out to build the new car and in 2019 I entered back into competitive driving returning to drift cup.


With a good qualifying runs I placed in the top 16 drivers in all rounds, I also achieved a 4th place, and a podium spot of 2nd place finish at the final round in Driftland, Scotland.

The team and I are super excited to get back out for 2020 season with the car being refreshed and having some new parts fitted in the off season. I am itching to get back out in the car and get back to the competitive environment.


I have used TGR products for the last 4 years, the ultimate test for product usage is on track.

This is where drift cars get pushed to the absolute limits and has proved reliability of the brand, without one failure all season.

Having the confidence in the products I use is a big part of my career, knowing we wont have any mechanical failures is one less thing to worry about, so that I can get out and push the car to my ability.


If you would like to follow my progress and next years build please feel free to follow me.

Facebook - @benmearsdrift

Instagram - @benmearsofficial

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