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 2017 Ollie Elmore

2017 was difficult for us as we were getting busier, trying to up our social media game, more shows in the new TGR stand and working a full time job. The website took a backseat what with updates to the sponsorship and the projects side of things. Now that its being updated late 2018 we have forgotten everything that happened (oops) but ollie performed well with a new livery more power and extra lock with a new lock kit. The new lock kit meant that with extra lock the 18" wheels where too big, spacers and smaller tyres were tried to adjust to make clearance. In the end we ordered a new pair for ollie exact same sizes but in 17" which fit spot on.

The season went well, more problems due to new improvements made to the car, more power to get used too and also a tight budget. All the work carried out by ollie himself plus having a full time job my hat is off to you well done buddy. No podium place but tremendous effort and the main point is he had fun throughout the stress.



TGR Motorsport Sponsorship.


We at TGR Motorsport are delighted to have Ollie Elmore and his (now) 700whp R33 2JZ Skyline on our team battling it out in this years 2016 BDC competition.


The main sponsor for him this year is Hel Performance (as you can see) but we have equipped him with a few sets of our T515 alloy wheels in white to complement this years livery.

He is running 8.75j wheels upfront et 30, and 9.75j rear et20.  He is our first sponsee and we are thrilled with the attention that he gets us.  We are very happy we could help him out as a wheel sponsor this year.


We will be looking into sponsoring more people through different events and motor sports as our business grows stronger.


Ollie has had a whole new setup this season with his fully tuned 700whp 2JZ-GTE r33 skyline, the mods list and changes were huge for this season (check it out on his facebook page ollie elmore pro BDC page). Here are a few new pics to show the first three comps in the 2016 super pro BDC.

As with all new builds there have been  a few teething problems and adjustments not only mechanically but also in technique, but as the pics prove he is on form and loving it and we are proud sponsors!!! 

Well that's the end to our 2016 sponsorship with Ollie Elmore, in the 2016 British drift championship (super pro). As Ollie was competing with a new car setup and had a few problems throughout the year with minimal practice this year didn't go too bad. Most people would of given up but Ollie persevered and got the car ready for every event with little or no practice, earning a 25th place in the competition overall. Although there were no podium places TGR is happy with what Ollie did as he works a full time job and has limited funds and still managed to overcome all of the problems 2016 managed to throw at him. 


Ollie has helped TGR to grow through their first proper year of trading where we have managed to get new products and sales due to the promotion of Ollie in the 2016 BDC competition. 

looking forward to 2017 and what it brings for TGR!!!!

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