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TGR Scooby Rear Wheel Drive Drift Project

TGR Scooby Rear Wheel Drive Drift Project.

Over the years I have had many cars, mainly Japanese as I love their style of engineering and history within the automotive industry, not to say I don't like any others, its just my preference.

I love a car project for the love and hard work that has gone into it, even if the work is not carried out personally the time and money has still been spent for the love of your hobby. I do however like to get stuck in and do as much as I can myself.

My current project is my classic rear wheel drive Subaru Impreza WRX Import.  I always loved the Colin McRae Impreza but found myself enjoying the popular sport of drifting, mainly because of the laid back no rules, have as much fun as possible view which I took from it.  This is why I went for a rear wheel drive conversion on my Impreza.  They are also cheaper than any other Japanese  rear wheel drive turbo, with numerous cheap parts around. Also they are not very common in the drift scene as it is nice to have something a bit different.

So far I have managed to get some time together to do the following to the car:

  • Welded centre diff (advise locking kit)

  • HSD Monopro Suspension

  • Exedy Stage 2 Clutch (Lightened Flywheel)

  • HKS Filter

  • HKS Front Mount Intercooler

  • Hydro Handbrake

  • Welded Diff

  • TGR T15's 17" 8.5j et25 Hyperblack Alloy Wheels

  • STI Engine

  • Gearbox / Engine Mount uprated

  • New rear break dishes and pads

Still to be done:

  • Break refurb with new rear discs and pads and lines throughout

  • Extended Lower Control Arms - Extra Lock

  • Camber adjustment and tracking

  • Fuel Pump

  • Bigger Injectors

  • Turbo

  • Remap

This should help to give me plenty of power and control for what I intend to do with the car.

Keep an eye out for some more updates. I would appreciate any feedback or comments on the car.

Better late than never, 

A Lot has happened including crashing so complete new front end. I have fitted modified front lower control arms and track rods, extended 30mm for extra lock. This has greatly improved the lock (not to wisefab extremes) but more than enough for me to keep up with. We fitted the new modded track rods and lower control arms with new uprated bushes and the difference is massively noticeable especially along with a proper camber, castor and tow setup at indigo GT on all four corners. The front end was incredibly responsive and because of the extra camber front end traction was maintained at full lock. 


Noticed that with extra lock and more swinging we get a fuel surge when taking clockwise corners and under half a tank. so first things first get a swirl pot lines and fittings and at the same time relocate the battery to the boot. Along with the swirl pot new fuel pump and injectors, will then get a re-map using an apexi commander as it will most definitely be the cheapest option. 

As stated above we had a front ender at one of the awesome Drift-INC events at pembrey. This happened in the wet at 9:30 on the saturday and was luckly was only cosmetic and once the front end was stripped we were back on track and enjoyed the full weekend drifting. The car has not been used all of 2018 and has been feeling sorry for itself, but with the parts slowly accumulating  we should see a few days in 2019 out on track. I have neglected the subaru and drifting due to getting an itch for some grip driving and wanting to go back to the start of it all a honda civic. love them or hate them they are great little track cars.

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